Kingshiper Vocal Remover 3.0
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Kingshiper Vocal Remover 3.0

Remove vocals from any audio or video without any effort, featuring powerful AI technology
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Kingshiper Vocal Remover is a user-friendly software designed to remove vocals from any audio or video without any effort, featuring powerful AI technology. It allows everyone to extract vocals, accompaniment and various instruments in seconds. By simple 3 steps, you can separate the vocals from the background music and instruments, leaving you with a clean, crisp audio track.

Key Features of Kingshiper Vocal Remover:

Vocals: Get access to batch-process audio and video files to extract vocals and precisely trim the files with its advanced AI technology.
Instruments: Isolate specific instruments or sounds from a multi-track recording or other music files.
Video Vocal Remover: Eliminate video background noise and retain pure vocals, which is useful for creating custom soundtracks for multimedia projects.
Video BGM Remover: Eliminate the background music or soundtrack from other audio elements, such as dialogue, ambient noise, or sound effects.


AI-Powered and Precise Isolation: Remove vocals and instrumentals based on AI-powered technology, ensuring a more professional and efficient process.
Ultimate Audio Quality Export: Separate and extract hi-fi vocals and instruments from any audio and video to help you produce high-level music without any quality loss.
One-click Batch Processing: Handle multiple files or tasks simultaneously with just one click, making it easier to manage your audio and video production workflow and save time.
Various Formats Support: Support for nearly 100 mainstream audio and video formats, including MP3, WAV, MP4, MOV, and more.



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